A great time at the Cheez-It 355

August 12, 2015

At the Cabin Club


Hi Sportsfans,

Great time in Watkins Glen for the Cheeze-It 355.  Took a lot of frames and I am  working on getting them posted, stay with me.

Some observations:

Watkins Glen:

Servers and bar tenders did a very good job, considering the amount of people!

Neat place.  Nice restaurants.  Great views.  Nice people, although most of the people I met were out of Towner's.

Track and Race:

A very good time.  All of the worker bees were great.  Very into the race and their jobs.  The photographers were friendly and gave me a ton of help in capturing some very good shots.  I got a shot of Dale Earnhardt Jr and Tony Stewart talking amicably.

The fans outside of the sections with all the money, were super.  Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, etc....  Great

Fans with the fancy campers were, for the most part, slobs.  I will post some of their shots.  The good news is that the local Boy Scouts clean up, literally.  They get the proceeds for picking up the junk that the slobs leave behind.

Working with the NASCAR photographers was an experience within itself.  I hope I was able to share some things with them, I know I got a lot.

As I post photos I will be adding to this post, stay tuned.









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